Engineering Horror: The Crypt-Keeper has Nothing on These Stories 

 May 3, 2021

By  webmaster

If you’re an enginerd, you know them all too well.

Everyone has at least one. And, if you’ve been around a bit, you probably have too many.

What am I talking about? The horror stories of Engineering, of course!

Over the next couple weeks months, we’ll cover some of the tales from the engineering crypt. 

Perhaps you’ll recognize some of these god-awful stories. 

Episode #4: There’s No Hope

I was working as a test engineer and was assigned to five different projects at the same time. I had been told that three of those five were my top priority and all had insanely aggressive schedules so I was feeling a little stressed.

By Thursday evening I had worked over 50 hours for the week and was very tired. I got to my car and started slowly backing out of my parking spot, looking back to make sure it was safe, when I heard a loud knocking sound. At first I was afraid I had hit something but then I looked out my driver’s side window…

This super-anxious guy had knocked on my window. WHILE THE CAR WAS MOVING.

When I opened the window, he asked if I had finished setting up a demo for Friday afternoon. I told him that I still needed about an hour to finish it and it would be my top priority when I started at 7 am on Friday.

He pushed me to go back in and get it done before leaving, but I declined.

He argued a little more until he realized I was not going back in. The next morning, I finished several hours before the deadline so there had been no reason for anyone to chase me down in the parking lot.

While you can’t blame the poor project manager for wanting to get the project done on time and on-budget, it’s probably Darjar driving this ridiculous behavior.

And hey! I bet YOU have a story or six to share.

Send them along to horror.stories@goodautomation.com.

You’ll get to see your story featured…without attribution to protect the innocent.

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