Engineering Horror: The Crypt-Keeper has Nothing on These Stories Episode #5: The Best Episode BY FAR (unless you’re Darjar) 

 October 30, 2021

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Episode #5: The Best Episode BY FAR (unless you’re Darjar)

It is a dark time for the Enginerd.

Although the last project has been finished, last minute scope changes on other projects have pushed the Enginerd from the safety of his code and forced him to do twice the work fixing someone else’s.

Evading the dreaded Darjar, a team of super-nerds led by our hero has persevered, keeping the evil at bay so they can get the validation complete..

The evil spirit Darjar, obsessed with frustrating the Enginerd, has infected tens of project managers, dispatching them into the far reaches of the laboratory “to help…”


“I was supervising another engineer working on software for testing a medical device. 

To say he was struggling is an understatement.

Unfortunately, I was also assigned to several other projects that took literally all of my time. To say I had precious little time to help is an understatement.

The day before that engineer’s project deadline I had a visit from the highest ranking person at the facility. He told me the overmatched engineer had just been fired, and I would need to finish the project. That meant not just fixing code that wasn’t working, but also validating the code. And here’s the kicker. 

It all had to be done by noon the next day.

I laughed. Out loud. When he remained stoic, I realized. He was totally serious.

I looked at my phone. I had started at 7:30 am and was told about this at 1:06 pm. What in the actual hell…

People were drafted from across manufacturing and quality to be on hand to review and approve documents when the job was done. There were more than a few people told they had to stay as long as it would take to get the test validated.

I did eventually finish the software and the validation although it was definitely not my best work. By the time we finally got the documentation approved and were allowed to leave, it was 4:30 am.

So all is good in the world, right? Wrong. About 5 hours later I got a call asking when I was coming in to work. I explained that I had just worked a 21-hour day and was taking the (rightfully earned) day off.

I got a lot of pushback, but eventually made him realize me coming in was just not going to happen.

A few days later I heard another person was bragging about how he got the project done on time.”


Unfortunately, when you’re a test engineer you come to expect it. Leave it to the evil phantom menace DarJar to cause someone else to take credit for all your hard work. 

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