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Make working test systems actually work.

Good Automation makes super-human test sets so your projects stay on-time and on-budget. 

  •  Speed completion times.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Have fun.

Meet Good Automation

the test automation company

Being a test engineer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Bandaging all those old test systems...being on tons of projects, all with big expectations...having to live with budget and time constraints should be expected, but not like this!

When test engineers have to worry about the tools working, how can they possibly focus on achieving results?

Good Automation was founded to help engineers.

Speed Completion Times

With Good Automation on your side, your team gets more done in less time.

Reduce Costs

Good Automation’s massive test library raises the capabilities of even the most senior engineers.

Have fun

Ecosystem is everything. Good Automation’s Enginerd™ approach results in a cohesive, effective team.

Good Automation makes super-human test sets

so engineers get more done.

Carl seems nice.

Trust us. He’s evil.

Speak with him...IF YOU DARE!

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Everyone wants consistent, reliable, immediate results.

At Good Automation, we use a proven five-step process that gets to the intended result…

Good Automation Fans

Jose Oaxaca

Engineer IV - H1 Software Lead At Bell Flight

“Bell had a legacy system that was near the end of its lifecycle and replacement parts were not readily available. Good Automation designed a complex, high channel-count, simulation and measurement solution that was compatible with existing components, reducing our costs and saving us space.”

Jacob Spector

Manager, NPI & Lifecycle Engineering At Abiomed

“Good Automation has helped us with several projects and has done a great job. They were able to work remotely to modify and write new LabVIEW software for our medical device and complete all the validation tasks as well. We could not find a better partner to help us.”

Ricardo Viloria

President/CEO At Freedom Communication Technologies

 “Good Automation architected our software for a brand new product.

 They worked with our software and hardware teams to integrate multiple systems and software languages. We are very pleased with the work Good Automation has done.”

Ruben Vasquez

Vice-President Operations at Applied Avionics, Inc.

“Applied Avionics have been quite satisfied with Good Automation's responsiveness and technical knowledge. They have provided both turn-key solutions and programming only. In both cases, they did an excellent job. Their LabVIEW software expertise is formidable.”

THE Good Automation team

We’re proud EngiNerds.

We love Marvel.

And D&D.

Old-school WWF.


We love Star Wars.

And Star Trek.

And Thundercats (HOOOOOO!)

Most of all, we love test automation.

Meet our talented team of engineers: Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA) and Developers (CLD), TestStand Architects (CTA), Certified Professional Instructors (CPI), Project Management Professionals (PMP), and LabVIEW Champions. 

Everyone from the founder down has at least one certification.

Even Carl the evil sales guy has his CLD.

Ab Deweese

Founder and Owner

Tik Sze


Carl Webber

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Nic Lambrecht

Principle Systems Engineer

Greg Freeman

Principle Systems Engineer

Tom Nelson

Principle Systems Engineer

Thomas Tisdale

Senior Sales Consultant

Dave Jenkins Jr

Business Development Engineer

Jennifer Gray

Executive Assistant

Tony Meche

Test Engineer

Joyce Aladenika

Systems Engineer

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